Freeman Executives Recognized with IAEE Awards

Published by on December 16, 2014 11:37 am
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Freeman is excited to announce that Johanne Bélanger, president of Freeman Audio Visual Canada; and Jennifer Paine Pekowski, CEM, business development director at Freeman; have received the IAEE 2014 Outstanding Achievement in Industry Leadership and Young Professional of the Year awards, respectively.


The IAEE Awards program recognizes professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the exhibitions and events industry. The recipients were honored at the IAEE Annual Networking Luncheon and Awards Presentation during Expo! Expo!, IAEE’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition that took place in Los Angeles last week.


Outstanding Achievement in Industry Leadership Award
Johanne Bélanger, President of Freeman Audio Visual | Canada

The Outstanding Achievement in Industry Leadership Award recognizes individuals who have made an extraordinary personal or professional commitment that materially contributes to the advancement of the exhibitions and events industry.

As President of Freeman Audio Visual Canada, Johanne is responsible for driving sustainable growth and market share through extensive customer service, sales and marketing initiatives. Under Johanne’s leadership, the company has received countless awards recognizing its outstanding efforts in technical support and staging, corporate social responsibility, environmental leadership, customer-service excellence and customer-driven partnerships.

Johanne’s impact on the meetings and events industry is wide ranging, from tireless volunteer efforts to increasing local tourism and developing industry standards for live events, to company-level corporate social responsibility initiatives that have been recognized and adopted by other segments of the industry.

Watch Johanne respond to receiving this prestigious award and share how important it is to her that her industry efforts are helping Freeman realize its vision of working together to transform, grow and extend the world of live engagements.

 Young Professional of the Year Award
Jennifer Paine Pekowski, CEM, Business Development Director, Freeman

The Young Professional of the Year Award honors individuals in the exhibitions and events industry 40 years of age or younger. The award recognizes excellent professional performance by someone who has committed his/her time to advancing the standing of young professionals in the industry.

As Business Development Director at Freeman, Jennifer is responsible for working with clients to understand their vision and create event environments that advance their event and organizational goals. Jennifer is also responsible for discovering new opportunities to optimize Freeman’s diverse portfolio of services including strategy, creative, technology and logistics.

An active member of IAEE, Jennifer earned her CEM in 2005. She serves on the IAEE CEM faculty and the Expo! Expo! Education Committee. Previously, she served on the Young Professionals Committee and the CEM Exam Development Summit. She is a featured speaker at industry events and educational programs taught at GWU, NOVA and IAEE.  Jennifer is also a graduate and mentor of the Future Leaders Institute (FLI).  Since so much of the events industry is relationship-driven, she leverages the contacts made through FLI to help other young industry professionals build their network, confidence and leadership skills.

Watch Jennifer describe how she felt upon hearing of she was being recognized by IAEE and what the organization means to her, has done for her, and how she is committed to helping others in IAEE community learn, grow and share from, and with each other. Jennifer also shares some advice for other young professionals in the events industry.

All of the IAEE award winners were selected after careful consideration and review by the IAEE Awards Committee and approval by the IAEE Board of Directors, following an open call for nominations earlier in the year.

We are very proud to have such outstanding industry experts part of the Freeman family and encourage you to extend your congratulations to both Johanne and Jennifer.

Congratulations to you both and thank you for representing Freeman with such professionalism and high standards.

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